I started periodontal treatment a year ago with Dr. Walker and the entire staff has been absolutely amazing throughout my course of care. They are extremely professional, attentive, knowledgeable, safe and kind. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would!!

Jennifer P.

For anyone who needs a periodontist in the Yardley area ..Dr. Walker is definitely the person you would want to go to. She is not only an expert her job..but rather she is extremely caring and only does what's best for the patient. She also has an incredible staff that attends to every need .She has an A+ rating.

Judie N.

I saw Dr. Walker for an extraction of a cracked and infected molar. My wife just googled to fins someone in our local area, and read great reviews about Dr. Walker. My entire experience with her has been superb! I can not say enough good things about Dr. Walker, her assistant Tracy, or the office. I was very terrified of getting my #31 cracked and abscessed molar extracted. Dr, Walker's assistant Tracy put me right at ease and she has a very comforting and warm way about her. Dr Walker also made me feel like I was visiting a close friend, rather than having a tooth out. The Dr. explained everything very clearly to me. She made sure that my comfort was the number one priority. All through the entire procedure she kept asking if I was OK. Dr. Walker and Tracy work very well as a team. After the extraction was done I told them that I was as Happy afterward as I was scared before. Dr. Walker even personally called me in the evening after the extraction to see if I was doing alright, or if I had any questions. I am going to need periodontal work and I am going to go back to Dr. Walker for all of my dental procedures. I can not recommend her highly enough. She is such a kind, caring, and highly skilled professional. Dr. Walker's staff is excellent, and I even loved the soft music that was playing. So all around it was a very good experience to treat a very bad Tooth.

John R.

First of all let me start out by saying that visiting the dentist or the periodontist is one of my least favorite things in life. With that being said, my visit (now multiple visits) to Dr Elana M Walker was anything but traumatic. My dentist recommended her and he couldn't have been more accurate. Every review that I have read stated how good and professional Dr. Walker and her entire staff are and they couldn't have been more accurate. In fact she exceeded all expectations. Five stars simply is not enough when describing the entire experience and the quality of the care provided was simply off of the chart. I cannot recommend her enough, she is far and above the best!

Jeff M.

Dr. Walker is AMAZING! In addition to being compassionate, extremely concerned about your comfort, gentle and pleasant she is also expert in the latest technology/practices/procedures. Painful procedures previously performed by other doctors, Dr. Walker has performed the same procedures with minimal to no pain. I have total confidence in her expertise and always feel as if I am in excellent competent hands. My experience with Dr. Walker includes; scaling, planing, extraction, cleaning, and a laser procedure to remove wart from tongue and inner lower lip. All the aforementioned have been completed with significant less pain to no pain during and after each procedure compared to other doctors I have visited over the years. She and Tracy always make my visits pleasant and I always feel as if my comfort is their #1 concern. In addition she will explain every procedure, will take the time to answer your questions and plays an excellent selection of songs over the sound system which contributes to the calming atmosphere including her soothing voice. I HIGHLY recommend!

Steve S.

Dr. Walker may be the most genuine and compassionate person that I have ever encountered. A true professional who listens, processes your concerns, and guides you step by step through every aspect of your dental procedure. -- She really is one in a million! Very highly recommended!


Amazing treatment for a difficult procedure (extraction, bone graft). My dentist recommended her for the procedure and I am so glad he did. Both she and her assistant are calming and soft spoken and it ends up keeping you calm during the procedure. She explains what is happening every step of the way and what you may feel. She was extremely patient with my nerves about feeling anything and I honestly hardly felt the first needle! I would recommend her to anyone needing more intense dental work.

Kate L.

This was my second visit to Dr Elana Walker. This case was an emergency visit - had broken tooth & called Drs office on way home from work when pain was really becoming difficult to manage..
Arranged to see me in just an hour later. Provided immediate relief & without any pain or discomfort whatsoever.
Will absolutely use her for extraction & highly recommend

J H.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Walker. She took the time to explain everything to me (as I was a blubbering mess in her office) and calmed me down and followed up with me to make sure I was okay. I would recommend her to anyone needing periodontal work.

Amy P.

Dr. Walker and her Assistant Tracy were absolutely terrific. I hope I do not have to get major work done on my teeth again, but if I did I would not hesitate to use her.

T. O.

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